Lead generation and marketing agencies
use lemlist to:

🚀 ramp up conversions
🚀 drive leads for clients
🚀 send drip campaigns
🚀 automate sequences

How agencies are reverse-engineering lead gen

lemlist for agenices

Connect lemlist to any CRM easily ☑️

No need to use multiple tools and waste time going back and forth.

Use lemlist's native integrations

Connect your CRM via Zapier or our API

lemlist for agencies

Bring multiple clients under the same account 😎

Add as many internal or external emails you need and have all your campaigns under one umbrella.

Organize your clients' emails

Turn data into meaningful insights

Personalize cold emails
at scale ❤️

Customize anything you want. You bring the idea, we’ll handle the logistics.

Use company logos in creative ways

Add website screenshots onto your images

lemlist for agencies
lemlist for agencies

Dynamic landing pages for your campaigns ⭐️

Add personalized landing pages to your outreach funnel without writing a single line of code.

Sales-optimized landing page template

Video, chat and calendar integration

Warm up multiple email addresses ⚡️

Maximize deliverability by warming up all your client’s emails first and never worry about spam again.

lemlist for agencies
lemlist for agencies

One-click reports to track the hottest leads 🔥

Organize your campaigns across different clients and audience profiles. Extract metrics in seconds.

Word on the street ♥️

"For Pearl Lemon, lemlist has been great for two reasons. First, we’re able to personalize campaigns consistently, without sacrificing scale.
It also allows us to keep our data organized, easily access reports across different projects and onboard new clients in seconds."
Deepak Shukla, Director @PearlLemon

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