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💥 drive awareness
💥 ramp up conversions
💥 partner and network
💥 scale sales

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lemlist for startups

Connect lemlist to any CRM easily ☑️

No need to use multiple tools and waste time going back and forth.

Use lemlist's native integrations

Connect your CRM via Zapier or our API

lemlist for startups
lemlist for startups

Drip campaigns 🏄🏾‍♂️

Send targeted emails to different audiences and put them on autopilot.

Launch powerful email automation

Detect replies & stop campaigns accordingly

Personalize cold emails
at scale ❤️

Customize anything you want. You bring the idea, we’ll handle the logistics.

Use company logos in creative ways

Add website screenshots onto your images

lemlist for startups
lemlist for startups

Dynamic landing pages for your campaigns ⭐️

Add personalized landing pages to your outreach funnel without writing a single line of code.

Sales-optimized landing page template

Video, chat and calendar integration

Land in the primary tab ⚡️

Maximize deliverability, warm up your emails and never worry about spam again… unless you’re a spammer.

lemlist for startups
lemlist for startups

One-click reports to track the hottest leads 🔥

Organize your campaigns across different audience targets. Extract metrics in seconds.

Word on the street ♥️

Paul Munos

Partnership Manager @Shapr

"Keeping our emails personalized and adding great attention grabber such as personalized images was definitely the #1 reason of such success!"

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