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lemlist offers a large set of features to control all the process of email outreach.

"What is key for us is to keep our email personalized and save time on follow-ups. With lemlist we were able to do just that!"

Paul Munos
Partnership Manager @ Shapr

Easy & Personalised

Campaign wizard, tutorials and support

We've made creating a campaign as easy as possible thanks to a step by step guided workflow with walkthrough tutorial. For any questions, you can reach out to us directly on the chat and we'll help you out straight away 😇

Automate your follow-up emails without losing personalisation with sequences

We know... It's super easy to forget to follow up with people... Yet it's really important as we all receive a lot of messages every day. With lemlist, you can easily set up sequences of emails and choose to automatically stop the campaign when the person replies, clicks, opens etc..

Personalize your emails with Custom Variables

Easily insert the first name, last name, company name or any information from your CSV you want of the person you're reaching out to.

Make your emails stand out with Custom Images

An image is worth a thousand words and a personalised one is worth many more replies... With lemlist you can create personalised images and insert the first name, the company name, the company logo, a screenshot of a website of the person you're reaching out to! All of this is done automatically and in a few clicks...

Send emails at the right time with schedules

Easily set up schedules to send your campaigns. Choose which days of the week or weekend and on which time window you want to send out emails. lemlist sending algorithm will make sure to increase your email deliverability


Make every person you're reaching out to feel unique thanks to the review process. Personalize each mail for maximum results.

Send emails directly from your own email address

With lemlist, all your emails are sent through your own email address thanks to our powerful integrations. Simply connect your email account and start sending right away.

lemlist currently supports:

• Google (Gmail or GSuite)
• Microsoft (Office 365 or Exchange)
• Your own SMTP / IMAP server (Mailjet, Mailgun, OVH, SiteGround, ...)

Stats & Track

Open Tracking

Know exactly who has opened your email and when. Find what works best so you can replicate your success!

Click Tracking

Find out how interested people are by knowing wether or not they've clicked on your link or not.

Replies, Out-Of-Office & Bounces Tracking

lemlist smart tracking system can automatically detect and differentiate automated out-of-office message VS a genuine response. If an email can't be delivered, you'll also get a notification about it.

Campaign Statistics

Get a general overview about how your campaigns are performing. Easily spot the most successful campaign so you can repeat your success.

Step by step campaign statistics

Know which step of your campaign is performing the best and gather insights for future campaigns!

A/B testing / Split test

When launching a campaign, split testing is key to improve your metrics. With our well designed A/B testing editor, easily improve and test your content and subject lines for better results!

Recipient monitoring & conversation

Keep track of each person you've reached out to and stay in touch with them if you haven't reached out in a long time.

Team & Collaboration

Using lemlist as a team

Our entire platform has been built for teams and collaboration so you can share and edit any steps of your campaigns in a collaborative way. Track your team performance easily to spot top performers and help out outsiders.

Unified campaign view for your team

Have your team collaborate on campaigns to maximize your success. You can easily spot the most successful campaigns thanks to our unified view - allowing you to replicate your success!

Sending emails in a collaborative way

Send emails using the email address of your team mate to keep it consistent when you receive replies.

Collaborative templates

Share your templates with your team and the rest of your company so every person you onboard can use the most successful ones in one simple click!

Even more...

Opportunities: Never miss out to build a warm relationship

Anyone who is taking an action when receiving your email (opens, clicks, replies) is someone who showed an interest to your message. Thanks to lemlist, you can track everytime this happens so you can take action and build relationships much easily and in the same place!

Real time notifications in Slack

If you're a Slack lover like us, this is a feature you'll love ❤️ You'll receive notifications directly into your Slack when a new opportunities is created. That way, you'll never miss out on a great opportunity ever again!


Never contact unwanted people thanks to our powerful blacklist. Simply import your list or copy paste email addresses.

Omniscient search

Thanks to our blazing fast in-app search, find in a snap any person you've reached out to and get all the information regarding previous touch point and interest.

Connect lemlist with 1000+ apps thanks to our powerful Zapier integration

Automate repetitive tasks by combining the power of lemlist with 1000+ other first class services via Zapier.

Custom domain

Use your own domain to track email opens and link clicks for better deliverability and custom branding.

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"Thanks to lemlist, we were able to send highly personalized emails with videos in order to book more meetings with our prospects."

Gabriel Frasconi

Director South Europe @ Zendesk


"lemlist is incredibly valuable and extremely useful for emailing your customers or prospects. The software support is incredible, new features are added regularly."

Chris Spiegl

Founder & CEO @ Crisp Explainer Videos


"I love the simplicity of lemlist. I tried a couple of email outreach tools and this one is super straightforward. I also love the fast response of the customer service team."

Paul Preisler

Co-founder @ Growmodo