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lemlist is the first email outreach platform that lets you create humanized experiences and long lasting relationships.

"Thanks to personalized videos integrated into a holistic personalized experience, we were able to increase our reply rate by 3x!"

Yoann Lopez
CMO @ comet

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Send Personalized

A personalized email is automatically generated based on the person you’re reaching out to.

At the same time a personalized video is also generated in order to make the outreach more human.

Record just one video and lemlist will automatically create personalized videos including logos, screenshots, social media profiles, and more.

Automatically craft
personalized websites

With just a few clicks you can turn your generic website into a personalized space for every prospect.

1-to-1 Conversations

When a prospect lands on your site, you can automatically send them a personalized message with our live chat feature.

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"I love the simplicity of lemlist. I tried a couple of email outreach tools and this one is super straightforward. I also love the fast response of the customer service team."

Paul Preisler

Co-founder @ Growmodo


"lemlist is incredibly valuable and extremely useful for emailing your customers or prospects. The software support is incredible, new features are added regularly."

Chris Spiegl

Founder & CEO @ Crisp Explainer Videos


"With lemlist, I'm definitely seeing an improvement in email metrics on outbound email campaigns thanks to personalized images (click rates were marginally higher, so were response rates)."

Raghav Viswanathan

Product Marketing Manager @ Freshdesk