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Building holistic personalized experiences

lemlist is the first email outreach platform that lets you create humanized experiences and long lasting relationships.

"What is key for us is to keep our email personalized and save time on follow-ups. With lemlist we were able to do just that!"

Paul Munos
Partnership Manager @ Shapr

State of the art

Do you want to improve your reply rate by 33%?

Personalized images dramatically increase the reply rate to your outreach emails.

lemlist is the first email automation platform to allow you to automatically generate personalized images. Build warmer relationships got that much easier.

Use proven relationship
building email templates

We've assembled a collection of the best cold sales email templates out there. So, you're never going to struggle to find some inspiration.

Follow-up on time, with
no effort

lemlist has made it simple. Every follow-up email is automated. You don’t even have to think about it. Just choose a date and a time.

If you haven't gotten a response, your follow-up email is sent automatically.

Ensure your emails are

The best moment is not always now…

Choose the time and date when you want to send the email - like Tuesday at 8:55 am - and we’ll deliver it so arrives right on time. When your leads start their day, your message will be the first thing they see.

Forecast your growth
and revenue

We know that meeting sales targets is a challenge. If you're falling short of your revenue predictions, it can be stressful.

Finding the right leads to close deals with and accurately forecast their revenue is time-consuming.

That's why we track your email campaigns.

Now, you can see how many people have opened your emails, clicked on a link, and have responded to you. You'll be able to use this to know when to send your emails, who to send them to, and how much revenue they'll generate.

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"Thanks to lemlist, we were able to send highly personalized emails with videos in order to book more meetings with our prospects."

Gabriel Frasconi

Director South Europe @ Zendesk


"lemlist is incredibly valuable and extremely useful for emailing your customers or prospects. The software support is incredible, new features are added regularly."

Chris Spiegl

Founder & CEO @ Crisp Explainer Videos


"I love the simplicity of lemlist. I tried a couple of email outreach tools and this one is super straightforward. I also love the fast response of the customer service team."

Paul Preisler

Co-founder @ Growmodo